Strategic business consulting to software companies

We work with software companies of all sizes to help them turn great software into a great business.

We achieve this by improving the company's value proposition to their clients, which yields better operating margins.  We assist in making their sales and implementation processes more customer friendly.  We help them to develop better professional partnerships and build a world-class customer service culture into the company.

We achieve these results through business process improvements, software enhancement, and by creating strong teams.

Business Process Improvement: We bring a set of proven operational best practices organized by function to develop the best possible process for our clients' business.  We work to develop and implement these operational strategies that solve our clients' most critical problems.

Client Implementation: A critical challenge faced by all enterprise software vendors is implementing their software in the client environment. Our methodology incorporates actionable strategies to overcome manifold bureaucratic and technical obstacles, leading to successful implementation in large complex operational environments.

Creating Strong Teams:  A growing company needs more expertise than even the most skilled founder can provide. We help entrepreneurs locate the staff they need to build more effective teams.

We have successfully delivered strategic software consulting services to software companies whose clients are in financial services, healthcare, the intelligence community, and the public sector